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Full memberships now available


Inaugural meeting a success.

Date set for inaugural meeting of members: October 3, 2009.

CFU Draft Bylaws now available (PDF).

CFU takes part in national consultation on Copyright reform.

CFU gets significant financial commitment from CEP.

• Robertson v. Thomson Class Action Settlement Notice

• Money, power and the freelance journalist - a J-source debate.

A union for independent media workers

Independent media workers are under direct and sustained attack by media owners in this country. Over the past three decades, self-employed communications professionals have seen their real income plummet a whopping 66%.

And while rates continue to go down, contract demands for more of our copyrights keep going up. Most publishers now demand that its contract workers sign away virtually all rights to the work they create – and do so for a decreasing amount of money.

The Canadian Freelance Union (CEP Local 2040) was created to help independent media workers deal with these growing inequities. If you work as a contractor in any media (print, radio, TV, web), please join us now.

Help us take a stand for independent communications professionals. If you are a:

Please join now. Together we can make a difference.